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Zhangzhou Weiyi Group is a Hong Kong sole proprietorship enterprise established in 2002 and is a key enterprise of Zhangzhou City in Fujian Province of China. Weiyi Group has three production bases with over 1300 employees and covers an area of 390 acres. Weiyi Group focuses on producing differential nylon yarns and spandex covered yarns for a wide range of textile usages including hosiery, socks, seamless, warp and weft knitting, circular knitting, weaving, lace, narrow weaving, denim fabrics, flat knitting for sports shoes, swimwear, etc.
Weiyi Group has introduced advanced chemical fiber production equipments include Barmag high-speed nylon spinning production line,10 Barmag texturizing machines, and over 2300 covering machines from ICBT, Kataoka and Menegatto. There are over 25 rewinding machines from SSM and 20 Ishikawa rewinding machines. Annual production capacity is over 12000 tons. This makes Weiyi Group become one of the largest spandex covering yarn manufacturer in the world.
Weiyi Group is well-recognized as an expert in yarn developments and applications in the textile industry. The Group has been collaborating with international brands in research and development. The Group has been elected as the chief committee member and observer (SAC/TC209/SC6)in setting the industrial standards for "Q/ZZWY001-2015 Nylon & Polyester Double Covered Spandex Yarns in Textile Usage" and "Fusion and Run-Resistant Hosiery". Weiyi Group has also been awarded with the "Textile Industry Standards Leader", "Fujian Prestige Brand Name" and "Contributions to Textile Industry Standards and improvements"consecutively. Weiyi Group takes quality as its life. Strictly controls the quality throughout the production processes to meet international standards. Actively implements low-carton, smart, automatic and safe production. The Group aims at being a green corporation to contribute reducing greenhouse gas emission and pollution. The Group has been certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO14000 Environmental Management. The Group has implemented Manufacturing Execution System and Enterprise Resource Planning System to implement comprehensive quality monitoring.
Weiyi Group has established an international-wide and extensive sales network and after-sales system. The Group aims at developing high-end and functional yarns for customers with assured protection.



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